Why Serve a mission?

When I was 15 years old I listened to the mother of a close friend talk about serving a mission. For the first time I remember really wanting to serve a mission when I turned 21. I just had to hear hundreds of missionaries sing "Called to Serve" in the MTC! Time went on, and I prepared for the different eventualities of life. When the age sister missionaries could serve dropped to 19, I was super stoked! I was 19, almost 20! I could go early! Well, it turned out that wasn't the time for me. November of 2013, I felt strongly like I should reconsider the mission idea. I did, and the pieces of the puzzle fell into place :) This is all really nice, but it's not really the WHY, it's more of the HOW.

So WHY am I choosing to dedicate 18 months of my life away from my family, friends, school, and a closet full of clothes to talk to people in Missouri? Well, 33 years ago, 2 male missionaries started talking to my dear sweet Momma. The message they shared with her changed the course of her existence, and our family. I'm so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and the knowledge I have of who He is, and what His plan for His children is. I can't help feeling like if I choose not to share this message with others that I'll be ungrateful for the amazing gift that I've been given. I've also been blessed with some talents that I'd like to give back to the Lord. As much as I love my family and the other things listed above, I love my Heavenly Father and Savior more. They have called, so I'm answering.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Penguins in Paris

Hello Everyone!

So this past week I looked outside my window and there were PENGUINS! I got my camera and went to take a picture and then realized it was a dream. HA! Got cha! Well, it didn't surprise me there were penguins here because it's not even officially winter yet and it's pretty cold! The wind and humidity make a difference. Especially when you're wearing a skirt. The wind blows and basically it doesn't even matter! This winter will be the refiners fire :p ha ha That just means more blessings from the greater sacrifice :)

This past week was so great! I love being a part of the Lord's work! We were blessed in our finding. We went and had a luncheon with some members and nonmembers in the large town of Casey, Illinois. (You pronounce it KZ, don't be deceived. It's not pronounced the way it looks :p) There's a whoppin' 2300 people who live there. It's funny because now that does seem like a large town. It was nice to meet new people. I look forward to seeing the growth of this area after my mission. There's so much promise! I can just feel lit!

So funny story, we were having a spiritual thought with the members we eat with every Thursday night, and we asked them how they could prepare to go to the temple. One of the little girls, age 4, says, "Kissing!" It was too funny! Ha ha oh Little kids :p

Church went so well! Sunday morning is a missionaries most important time. The whole week comes down to Sunday morning. Will the people we've been working with exercise their faith to act? Well, we had 2 investigators come! It was great. We also had the family we've been working with come and stay for ALL 3 hours! They participated in gospel principles as well. It's been awesome to see the changes come about in their lives. I love seeing what the gospel can do for people.

Another exciting thing is that the branch members are doing more of their visiting teaching and home teaching! Yeah! As missionaries, we can't do it alone. We need everyone to pitch in and do their part. It's awesome seeing that happen. Yeah for answered prayers!

My testimony was strengthened this week about the importance of just doing what we can, and not worrying about ourselves. It doesn't matter if you only have a little to give the Lord, give what you can. The Lord can only magnify our efforts if we give Him something to magnify. Things work out. He doesn't need us to help Him, WE need Him to let us help Him so we can be refined and prepared to meet Him. He could do a much better job, but He knows we need to learn how to help our brothers and sisters so we can become better helpers in our eternal families.

Keep praying for the missionaries. It is so encouraging to hear people pray for the missionaries. I knew this would be the hardest work I'd ever do, but I didn't really understand that. It is hard. It can be discouraging. There are moments when I think, "AHH!!! I'm just 22! I don't know how to handle all of these huge life problems! I don't know how to help these people!" but then I remember that I'm not alone. We have the Lord as another member in our companionship, so it will be okay. I don't have to know everything because the Lord does. I just need to do my best and invite the spirit, and the spirit will help these people and help me in my efforts. So keep praying for these young whipper snappers! It brings peace to my heart whenever a prayer is offered for the missionaries. We need the prayers!

I love you all! Keep up your awesome work! Keep striving to move forward and become the best "you's" that you can be! You're awesome! Have yourselves a super duper day!

Lots of love and support,
Sister Janea Edgel

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